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Current UHN Initiatives

After I received my diagnosis, it was important to me to be involved and to assist with any ongoing research initiatives. After an initial meeting with a genetics counsellor I was approached by several research coordinators. I received information on multiple current research initiatives and consented to the following studies:

1. The Cardiac Genome Study

A study aimed at identifying genetic variances associated with the risk of heart failure using a new technology called whole-genome sequencing (WGS).


The study will assist in understanding how heart failure develops and how an earlier diagnosis and treatment plan can be provided.


It aims to study the following:

  • The genetics of heart failure

  • The challenges of using WGS in routine clinical cardiac care

  • The best approach for improving medical care using genomic data

2. UHN’s Evaluation of Mobile-Based Telemonitoring Program for Heart Failure Patients

A research evaluation where telemonitoring makes it possible for patients to monitor their medical conditions (such as measuring blood pressure, weight, etc), track symptoms, monitor their activity level, and receive automated instructions and medical care at home. This program engages the patients in their care and provides their doctors and nurses with important information to base decisions. 

3. The Peter Munk Cardiac Centre: Cardiovascular Biobank

This biobank serves as a library for researchers where they can utilize samples and information from the Biobank already collected for future research studies to learn more about the causes of cardiovascular diseases, including genetic research for both inherited and non-inherited diseases, how to prevent them and how to cure them as well as for quality improvement projects. 

4. Sick Kids Hospital: Heart Centre Biobank

A multi-centre biorepository of children and adults with childhood-onset heart disease for genomics research, one of the largest international repositories of its kind. 

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