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  • Katie Shea

The Book is Here!

The Pink Balloon is a children’s book written by my mother and is beautifully illustrated by my beloved aunt Elizabeth. The book is based on my personal story presented as a child’s tale, and shares a beautiful message of spreading joy and hope through difficult circumstances. Proceeds from the sale of the book are directed to The Katie Shea Cardiomyopathy Research Fund at Toronto General Hospital for heart failure research.

Editorial Review:

When cheerful Katie is diagnosed with a heart condition, her mother buys her a pink, heart-shaped balloon to keep her spirits high. Katie loves her balloon and brings it with her everywhere – until she encounters a little boy who looks as though he could use some cheering up. She gives him her pink balloon and puts a smile on his face. Before long, Katie is handing out balloons to as many people as she can and spreading her joy to all those who need it.

This heartfelt story is all about spreading kindness and sharing hope.

This beautiful story is told in clear, simple language that will appeal to any reader, young or grown. Katie is introduced to the reader right away, and we immediately get a charming sense of this wonderful girl who adores lovely things and joyful expression. Katie’s reaction to learning of her illness is believable and makes room for an excellent teaching moment: that some things are out of control.

Katie’s contagious joy had me as the reader smiling throughout the entire story. Her simple gesture of sharing her balloons conjures such a vibrant image for the reader and will pair naturally with your illustrations. There are so many excellent opportunities to reflect the words of the story through art. I can hardly wait to see the store full to bursting with pink balloons!

The message of hope is simple and highly effective. The balloons serve as a visual representation of the happiness and hope that Katie endeavours to cultivate, and as a result she gets to see the fruits of her efforts lighting up the world around her. Well done, Katie & Nancy!

Published in May, 2021, The Pink Balloon is currently being sold through the following channels:

Many thanks to my mom and aunt Elizabeth for their beautiful creation! It will be cherished always.

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